Body Pillows How Can They Help You?

Can Body Pillows Help You Sleep ?

Apart from pillows designed for expectant mothers to provide support for an expanding belly and an aching back, people who have difficulty sleeping are likely to benefit from body pillows, but surprisingly few people have tried them.

Snoring Problems – Can A Body Pillow Stop You Snoring?

People who tend to snore only when they lie on their back can also benefit from the increased stability and comfort that a body pillow

can provide. A side sleeper body pillow is worth trying not only for the benefit of the snorer, who may not be aware of the problem but may still only get disturbed sleep because of it, but also the person it disturbs.



How a Body Pillow Can Help You Sleep

If you have difficulty in sleeping there might be many causes, some causes are well known and can be identified others remain unknown, but either way physical discomfort is often present.

Physical discomfort can be a reason it is difficult to sleep or it can result through the stress of not being able to sleep that then prevents you from finding any comfortable position, even if only to relax, this is where a body pillow can help you.

Having a good bed with the correct mattress should provide you with good body support. Few people know how to choose the correct mattress to begin with and are often too self-conscious to try out a bed well enough in a store anyway, even if they do. Often people find that after just one night at home their new bed is not as comfortable as it seemed in the store, having a good pillow is one way of overcoming some problems of your mattress.

Even with a good mattress nearly everybody will use one or more pillows as well, to support the head neck and shoulders, but this does nothing to provide support for the hips, knees and lower back that are often problems areas for getting comfortable.

Sleeping on your side is often a preferred position to sleep in, but it does increase pressure on the hip. It also causes a slight twist of the knees, legs and hips, which can put strain on the lower back as well.

A body pillow, sometimes also called a side sleeper pillow is designed so that it can be placed between the knees or for resting the upper leg on, this takes some of the weight off the hips, reducing the pressure on the hip in contact with the bed and reducing the twisting of the lower back.

By placing the body pillow between the knees it is thus helpful to people with painful knee joints by providing cushioning between them, likewise there is reduced pressure on painful hip joints. The body pillow also has the advantage of making the side sleeping more stable.

Another factor that may help some people to sleep is the “comfort” factor of having something to hug, it is not just children who find having something to hug in bed aids sleep, although some will not admit it! Body pillows are used throughout the world, their local names when translated often mean hugging pillows.

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